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The Middle Years Programme (MYP), designed for students aged 11 to 16, provides a framework for learning that emphasizes intellectual challenge and fosters connections between traditional disciplines studied and the real world. The MYP focuses on ‘learning to learn’ through the systematic development of skills related to communication, collaboration, organization, self-management, reflection, inquiry, information management, media literacy, creative and critical thinking, and the transfer of learning. It also encourages intercultural understanding and global engagement, essential qualities for today’s youth.

Interdisciplinary teaching and learning result in a cohesive curriculum that addresses the developmental needs of students and prepares them for future academic studies and life in an increasingly interconnected world. The MYP uses concepts and contexts as starting points for meaningful integration and knowledge transfer across eight subject groups. For those students wishing to obtain a formal qualification after the fifth year of the program, the IB offers an electronic assessment leading to the attainment of the MYP certificate or a document with course results for individual disciplinary areas.

What is the Personal Project?

The Personal Project in the Middle Years Programme is a student-centered and age-appropriate practical exploration where students consolidate their learning throughout the program. This long-term project is designed as an independent learning experience lasting approximately seven months. The Personal Project formally assesses students’ learning approach skills in self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking, and collaboration.


¿What is the Diploma Program?

The Diploma Programme (DP) is a rigorous and balanced educational program designed for young people aged 16 to 19, delivered over two years (10th and 11th grades), culminating in an in-depth research project in each subject and externally assessed exams held at  Colegio Albania. It provides excellent preparation for university and adult life, and is widely recognized by leading universities worldwide. 

What do students learn in the Diploma Programme?

“IB DP students study six subjects at either Higher Level or Standard Level. They must choose one subject from each group, ensuring a broad experience in languages, social sciences, experimental sciences, mathematics, and the arts. Additionally, the program includes hours for: Religious Education, Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, Group 4 Project, Critical Reading (PPS), Social Sciences (PPS), and Natural Sciences (PPS).”

What is the extended essay?

The Extended Essay is one of the core components of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP).

It involves independent research by in-depth study of an issue related to one of the DP subjects the students are taking. Directed by the student, it culminates in a 4,000-word essay.

Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) applies a coherent approach to learning that unifies academic disciplines. In this course on critical thinking, students investigate the nature of knowledge and deepen their understanding of knowledge as a human construct.

"CAS - Creativity, Activity, and Service"

“The three areas are creativity (exploring and expanding ideas to generate an original or interpretative product or representation), activity (physical effort contributing to a healthy lifestyle), and service (collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to a genuine need).”



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